Brothers Jim and Steve Powers

 At West Field Weddings, our mission is to create cinematic and emotionally captivating films and emotionally engaging documentary style photography that capture the magic and natural beauty of our clients’ weddings. Our award-winning experience in the film industry lends to a more personal, cinematic feel for your perfect day. We combine this passion and experience with state-of-the-art equipment and technique to create a beautiful, hand-crafted film that you can enjoy for a lifetime. It is our greatest pleasure to share these moments with our clients. If what we do seems right for you, please allow us the opportunity to craft your perfect film. We operate out of Upstate New York, but will travel wherever we are needed.

Our Story

 Our passion for film has been a lasting one. Together, we’ve been writing, producing and making films since we were kids. This undying love for the process has taken us to amazing places, allowed us to meet interesting and unique people,  and let us see some amazing things—all the while doing what we love.

At West Field Weddings, we bring that same passion to each and every Wedding film we make. Our unique background allows us to bring art and cinematic-style to your wedding day, allowing for films that our clients truly love to watch. It is amazing to share these moments with our brides and grooms, and even more amazing to deliver a beautiful film that a couple can cherish for the rest of their lives.

It is one of the greatest parts of our job, and something we continually look forward to.

 Steve at a wedding in Massachusetts